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Debut EP from the band Total Surrender. This EP features ten original songs including "Church Doors," "City of Gold," and "Free."

Laura Chambers, reviewer for HOWNOW Music Magazine says of the new release; "...the lyrics contain truth... Standout tracks include: "City Of Gold", which looks ahead to the day we are taken to heaven forever. "Surrender", which speaks of what God can do when we give our broken lives over to Him. "Free" leads us to the true source of freedom - the blood of Christ which has released us from our sins.

Keith Katsikas of "The ROCK" radio says - "The first song "Until You Come" is my favorite... It starts out REALLY great. It builds and builds, and you are waiting for that climax..."

Jeff MacDonald, Director of Rock the Park says - "I really like The first song, you guys have a different sound that is fresh and I think that will set you apart from other bands in New England."